If you’re a small business owner and you’re struggling to reach the right people, here’s a no-fluff Facebook Ads course to get you more customers and clients - on autopilot


Even if your budget is pea-sized, you’re busier than Beyonce (minus the support crew), and you wouldn’t know a Facebook Pixel if it hit you in the face.

Is this you?

  • You’ve tried a zillion other Facebook Ads courses, formulas and so-called “hacks” out there, but nothing has translated into real clients or customers 
  • You’ve flushed a cringe-worthy amount of money down the Facebook toilet and got nothing but crickets in return
  • You just can’t get your business to reach the right people on social media
  • You know your business is AH-mazing and that people would love it, if only they knew you existed
  • Marketing your business feels so far out of your comfort zone that you’d rather go cage diving with sharks
Yet, despite all of this, you have an inkling that being able to run successful Facebook Ads campaigns is a surefire way to propel your business growth, so you can finally have the freedom you dream of. 

And, that is exactly what I will help you achieve inside Facebook Ads That Flourish.

(Even if you think that you’re too busy, or that your budget is too small, or that you don’t have the tech skills or marketing “know-how” to succeed with Facebook Ads).

It might not seem like it right now, but it's 100% possible to…

  • Have a steady flow of quality customers or clients coming through the door and not be wide awake at 3am, anxious about how you’re going to pay the bills
  • Stop having to justify your business to your family and friends, and finally start paying yourself the salary you deserve
  • Wake up excited to spend your day doing the things you want to be doing, instead of trying to hustle for that next sale
  • Have a loyal, oh so engaged audience who are genuinely interested in every single word you say
  • Not feel out of your depth or "icky" at the thought of marketing your business


Facebook Ads can be a game changer for your business

You too can...

  • Reach the right people and convert them to paying customers or clients
  • Map out a killer Facebook Ads strategy that works seamlessly. No more shooting in the dark with tactics that may or may not get results.
  • Feel confident marketing your business - even if, right now, you're terrified at the thought.

With the step-by-step training in Facebook Ads That Flourish, you’ll be able to…

  • Put together a slick system that delivers you nurtured prospects on autopilot. Other courses gloss over the less glamorous stuff, like how the heck to build a lead magnet or what to say in your video ads, but I dive deep into the gory details.
  • Relax, knowing that you are effortlessly adding potential customers or clients to your email list every day. 
  • Formulate messaging so compelling that writing powerful ads, emails and sales pages becomes second nature to you. Happen to meet your ideal customer or client in real life? No more lame “um-ing” and “ah-ing” as you awkwardly attempt to win them over.

The best part: I’m here to hold your hand every single step of the way.


"I'm very happy with my decision to sign up for Facebook Ads That Flourish - the content is excellent. I'm still completing the course, but already I have learned so much. It has re-shaped the way I think about online sales and marketing and given me a structure to work with, which I never had previously. The Facebook support group is excellent and I've already recommended the course to a colleague."

Beck Howe
Founder, Passionate Skincare

"I had been trying with mixed success to navigate the world of Facebook advertising and, since starting Facebook Ads That Flourish, I definitely feel more knowledgeable about how to create ads (including how to write copy and pick the right images) and can navigate my way around Ads Manager much better.

The amount of content in the course was fantastic and a lot more than I thought there would be. It was all really well explained and was broken down to make it very manageable and I looked forward to starting a new module each week. I loved the way that Steph was very approachable and would reply to comments left in the FB group and to personal emails. You didn’t feel like you had paid for the course and then were just left to your own devices. "

Heather Miller
Founder, Exclusivity by Design

"I am really happy I signed up for the program. At the time it was a big expense for my start-up but it was worth it. Because I knew nothing about Ads Manager and it was so daunting, I knew I needed to learn about it so that was never something I doubted. I love the Facebook Group and I feel as though you take the time to understand everyone. It has definitely transformed my understanding and perception of marketing so far, and I'm excited to finish over the next week and get some ads running."

Shannon de Geest
Founder, The Collar Club

4 critical reasons most Facebook Ads campaigns crash and burn:

Reason 1: Showing ads to the wrong people

Reaching the right people on Facebook isn’t particularly hard, but there are a gazillion things waiting to trip you up and derail your campaign, before you’ve even hit GO.

In fact, getting your targeting wrong is the second fastest shortcut to wasting your precious marketing budget (the quickest being to light it on fire).

Who should I target my ads to? How do I find more of MY people? How do I make sure I’m not wasting my budget on the wrong people?

These are just some of the MANY questions you’ll have along the way. And I’ll be there to answer them for you.


Reason 2: Selling to people who don’t know you, love you or trust you

Pushing the hard sell to people who have no clue who you are is the business equivalent of proposing on the first date - it's expensive and unlikely to get a YES.

In the good old days, you had to talk to potential customers, and spend a lot of time and effort getting them to know you, love you and trust you.

We’re lucky now, as all this nurturing can be automated. You can literally nurture prospects in your sleep (or whilst sipping piña coladas poolside in Fiji, if that’s what floats your boat). 

Facebook Ads That Flourish delves into every single step in building this entire system, so that when you sell to your audience, they’re just waiting to buy.

Reason 3: Wishy-washy ads that couldn’t sell green smoothies in a Lululemon store

That ad you spent hours writing? Chances are it’s not convincing anyone. Ouch, that’s harsh.

But, I’m telling you this to save you precious time, energy and money.

You have ONE opportunity to capture your ideal customer’s attention and convince them to click.

Your ad is competing with hundreds of other distractions. Their kids are screaming, the phone is ringing and the dog wants to be fed. Your ad better be compelling enough to beat Buster’s puppy-dog eyes.

Facebook Ads That Flourish will walk you through the simplest way to hack your ideal customer’s brain and write irresistible ad copy.

Reason 4: Not having a clue how to interpret the key metrics

You’ve spent precious hours painstakingly perfecting your campaign, and you finally hit GO. And then you leave Ads Manager, never to return again.

OR, you return and see that your cost per click is $2. “Wow, that’s so high” you think, and immediately switch the campaign off.

But, what does that cost per click really mean? Could you have just thrown a perfectly good ad campaign out of the window?

Not knowing how to interpret your ad results is like driving a car with a broken fuel gauge. You have no idea whether you'll make it to your destination or putter out 100 metres down the road.

But, instead you put this in the “too hard” basket. You know you should be doing it, but you tell yourself that you’re not tech savvy enough.

Inside Facebook Ads That Flourish, I’ll hold your hand through all these tricky topics and prove that they’re really not as hard as you’ve cracked them up to be.

So, are you ready to learn more?

And, more importantly, are you ready to skip past the mistakes that leave most people ranting about how Facebook Ads don’t work for them, and instead learn and  implement a comprehensive system that will bring you customers and clients...

Even if:
  • You don’t have hours to spend growing your business, because you’re too busy running the show and keeping the wheels from falling off
  • Your stomach flip-flops and you get tongue-tied every time it comes to selling anything to your customers or clients
  • You’re in a highly competitive space and you’re battling to keep up with competitors who have an entire marketing team behind them
  • You’re just starting out and don’t have an email list yet, let alone any content to offer your audience
  • You have nightmares about doing anything remotely "techy"

Introducing Facebook Ads That Flourish


A kick-ass course to fill your email list with the right people, transform them into raving fans and nurture them into paying customers or clients, on autopilot.

I’ve put together 4 hands-on modules (complete with video lessons and worksheets) and a library packed with juicy templates, checklists and cheat sheets that guide you through the whole process of building your Facebook Ads funnel - so you can let it tick along in the background while you focus on the things you actually want to do.

Because, I’m guessing you didn’t start your business to spend every day hustling for customers or clients.

This course isn’t for you if…

  • You just want to learn how to use Ads Manager and don’t care about the stuff that actually determines the success of your Facebook Ads campaigns
  • You want someone else to do the work for you
  • You aren’t 100% committed to the success of your business
  • You don’t enjoy a good laugh and can’t deal with  my tongue-in-cheek comments along the way

Facebook Ads That Flourish is different to all the other Facebook Ads courses out there (and there sure are a LOT of them)

  • It skips over the dull theory and gets straight to DOING, so you can jumpstart your business growth and start seeing results ASAP
  • It walks you through creating and implementing all the systems, tactics and content you need to build your Facebook Ads funnel - it doesn't leave you to blindly figure out the tricky things on your own
  • It holds your hand through the things you think you’re not tech-savvy enough to do (like installing the Facebook Pixel or automating your email sequences), because these things are crucial to your business success

This is how the course plays out…

Module 1: Strategise

  • Discover the one thing most people fail to do with their Facebook Ads (and why nailing this will catapult your sales and position you in the front of your audience's mind)
  • Goal and budget-setting made so simple that you’ll find it fun, even if you’re allergic to numbers
  • Learn how to hack your ideal customer or client’s brain to resonate with them SO well, they think you’ve been stalking them
  • Create an offer so magnetic that your audience simply cannot resist

Module 2: Create

  • Discover the painless way to DIY a lead magnet your audience actually wants, without spending a fortune on fancy apps or pricey designers
  • Copy my easy to follow process for building opt-in pages that convert and sales pages that sell
  • Craft an engaging email nurture sequence that transforms your subscribers into paying customers and clients
  • Steal my speedy formula so you too can write high-impact ads that command attention and get clicks
  • Ensure your image choice isn’t sabotaging your Facebook Ads success

Module 3: Set up

  • How to ensure your ad gets in front of the right people; the people who GET you and are looking for exactly what you’re selling
  • The massive mistake most businesses are making when setting up Facebook Ads right now (and the crucial thing you need to do to avoid it)
  • The one tiny thing that will drastically improve your ads results in the click of a button (it’s so simple, you’ve probably overlooked it)
  • How to use strategic retargeting to sell to your audience when they’re just waiting to buy from you. 

Module 4: Monitor, test and troubleshoot

  • An uncomplicated strategy to keep making your ads cheaper and better, even when they’re already performing well
  • A full walkthrough of the Ads Manager reporting screen, so that you can finally decipher your ad results and discover the one thing you actually care about: Whether you're making money or flushing it down the toilet
  • Common reasons why your ads aren’t working and the savvy tactics you can use to revive them

And then, there is a module full of bonus lessons…

  • How to stop over-complicating video ads and finally take advantage of Facebook’s most powerful content type
  • How to use the tactic your competitors are ignoring to target the people they’re missing and dominate your market
  • How to strategically use Instagram Ads to reach new audiences (and the critical thing that makes them different from Facebook Ads)
  • How to scale your high-performing campaigns to multiply your results and deliver the pay-day you’ve been dreaming of
And, I'm always adding new bonus content.


If you join today, you’ll get lifetime access to all the course content so that you’re 100% supported throughout your Facebook Ads journey.

Facebook is constantly changing things. But you can rest assured that when I add or update any lessons, you’ll have access to the very latest version.


As well as creating high-impact Facebook Ads that bring you leads while you sleep, you’ll add the following to your business arsenal:

  • A cohesive Facebook Ads strategy to keep you on track
  • A sleek lead magnet - a business asset to grow your email list for years to come
  • A landing page that converts
  • An email nurture sequence that fosters connection
  • A sales page that actually sells
  • The Facebook Pixel, to retarget scorching hot leads
  • Ads (a minimum of 18, to be specific)

If you had to pay an agency to create all of these things for you, you’d be out of pocket well over $4,500.

My own clients invest good money for me to do these for them. Inside Facebook Ads That Flourish, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know to re-create my process inside your own business.

The best part is, you can redo the course as many times as you like, and create as many of these as you want.


So, the total value of this system is limited only by the effort you’re willing to put in.

And there are more bonuses…

  • Access to my private, members-only Facebook group where I personally answer your questions, give you advice, hold your hand and steer you through the scary bits ($497 value)
  • My Master Facebook Ads targeting guide, so that you can quickly narrow down your target audience before even jumping into Ads Manager - and avoid missing crucial targeting options ($295 value)
  • A done-for-you opt-in page copy template ($195 value)
  • My email nurture sequence copy template you can steal to convert your list into paying customers or clients ($380 value)
  • A Facebook Ads swipe file to inspire you, even when you can't think of what to write ($95 value)

When you add it all up, that’s well over $5,000 of value.

Got a question?

You could start running profitable ads within a few weeks and supercharge your business growth - or you could sit there and keep trying to figure out Facebook Ads yourself, sinking money faster than the Titanic.

My 30-day money-back guarantee

If other courses have left you disenchanted with Facebook Ads and you’re really starting to believe that they don’t work for you, then I want you to give Facebook Ads That Flourish a real shot.

I want you to see for yourself just how different it is from all the other Facebook Ads courses out there.

That’s why I’m giving you a full month to work through all the lessons, templates, cheat sheets and checklists, and implement them in your business. And, if you do the work and still aren’t seeing any progress, I’ll refund your investment.

But, only if you do the work.

Facebook Ads That Flourish is for people who are serious about the success of their business, NOT those who just want to add more stuff to their library of “some day” learning material.

Doing the work and implementing the lessons is a non-negotiable to be eligible for a refund.

Some frequently asked questions...


I don’t have a website or Facebook Page yet. Will Facebook Ads That Flourish work for me?
Unfortunately, Facebook Ads That Flourish is for businesses that already have a website and/or social media presence up and running. You simply won’t get the same results without at the very least a Facebook Page for your business.
If you're in the pre-launch phase, you're more than welcome to join and get everything ready to go for when you launch.
I have nobody on my email list yet. Will this be a problem?
Not at all. This course looks at building out your entire marketing funnel, and a huge part of this is filling your email list with highly-targeted potential clients or customers.

I’m going to be honest with you though: If your Facebook Ads budget is tiny, your email list growth won't be lightning quick. But, this is totally okay! Slow and steady wins the race.
Do I need to have my entire marketing funnel already planned out and running?
No! You don't even need to know what a funnel is.

Facebook Ads That Flourish will walk you through setting up your entire funnel - from that very first moment when your ideal customer first comes into contact with you, to when they finally purchase from you.

It’s a crazy effective funnel that just happens to be incredibly simple to set up. No getting lost down rabbitholes of all the latest and greatest apps, tools and tactics. Just a solid funnel that works, time and time again.
There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. How will I find the time to do the course?
Here’s some tough love: There will never be enough hours in the day. As long as you’re running a business, there will always be another task on your never-ending to do list.

It’s all about prioritising the things that really matter in your business (such as growing your email list and getting more customers and clients through the door) over the things that won’t have as much of an impact on your long-term success (like clearing out your inbox, yet again!)

I know that important things do pop up unexpectedly, which is why you have lifetime access to the course materials. You are free to do it as quickly or as slowly as you like.
I don’t have a product yet… Is that going to be a problem?
There is no better time to start implementing your Facebook Ads funnel than before you’ve even launched your product. That way, when you’re ready to finally launch, you have an email list ready and waiting for whatever you’re going to sell them.

Trust me, it beats launching to crickets (been there, done that).
My business is service-based. Can it work for me?
Definitely. This system isn’t exclusive to product-based businesses.
My business is bricks-and-mortar and I don’t sell anything through my website. Can it work for me?
Absolutely. While it’s easier to track and measure the results of Facebook Ads campaigns in online businesses, as long as you have a business Facebook Page then Facebook Ads That Flourish is suitable for your bricks-and-mortar business.
I already have been running Facebook Ads. Does this course assume that I’m an absolute beginner?
The course is designed for people of all different abilities. So, while some of the things I cover initially will be at an introductory level, you might actually find it beneficial to start from scratch and unlearn any of those bad habits you’ve picked up along the way!
Realistically, how many hours should I set aside each week to do the course?
I know you’re busy, which is why I’m giving you lifetime access. So, even if something comes up, you can pick up the course where you left off without having to rush through it.

If you can dedicate 4 hours per week to the program, you’ll be flying through it - but don't stress if you can only spend 1 hour per week.
I’m going to be real with you: there are a lot of moving parts that go into creating a successful Facebook Ads funnel.

As business owners, overwhelm is something we deal with on a daily basis. I want you to be able to focus on the course, one step at a time, so that you can get it spot-on the first time through - and not feel like you’re being pulled in 100 different directions all at once.

This is why you’ll unlock a new module each week, over 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll have lifetime access to all 4 modules (plus the bonus module), so that if you want to repeat the course again, you’re welcome to do so, as many times as you like, for the rest of your life.

You’ll also have access to any new lessons we roll out, or updates we make to the existing lessons. Because Facebook is constantly changing things.

This course is for you if…

  • You have a business (or are about to launch one) with a website and/or Facebook presence and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed - even if it means stepping outside of your cushy comfort zone
  • You’re selling a product or service (or are in the process of creating one) that you know your audience would LOVE - if only they knew you existed
  • You’ve invested a significant amount of time (and money!) into various marketing “tactics” that have left you feeling discouraged, defeated or devastated (or all of the above)
  • You’d be willing to invest at least $5 a day in Facebook Ads, if only you could be certain that it would be an investment and not just another expense
  • You can regularly be caught daydreaming about what you’d do with all the extra time, money and freedom that your business would bring you - if only you could get some serious growth happening
  • You’re eager to roll up your sleeves and put in as much effort as possible, because you know that this course could be the answer to all your business worries.

If any of the above resonates with you, then I can’t wait to have you as one of my students.


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